Broken Spring Specialist

broken spring specialist

What is a Broken Spring Specialist? This is not a garage door repair for you to try out yourself. A specially trained garage door contractor is needed to fix your highly dangerous broken spring that allows your garage door to go up and down. The difficulty level of replacing garage door springs, varies with the type. Extension springs are challenging to replace and torsion springs are just plain dangerous to work on and should only be attempted by those that have a good knowledge of how they work.

Broken Spring Specialist Recommend:

First of all, it is recommended, not to use your garage door as a door to your home. Using your garage door to go in and out of your house to walk the dog, get the paper or anything else besides the car will wear the torsion spring prematurely. Yes, the torsion spring does not last forever and is not meant for excessive use. Because of the design of springs, homeowners will have more life cycle options when installing two torsion springs. In addition, you will save money by using two 30,000 cycle springs verses one 60,000 cycle spring.