Decorative Hardware

Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Garage door decorative hardware can be added to any existing or new garage door. Amarr, DoorLink, Haas and Clopay are just some of the Garage Door hardware companies recommended by NC Garage Doors.

AMARR Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Amarr’s decorative garage door hardware provides a classic hand-forged, wrought iron look that adds authenticity to Amarr’s carriage house models. The new hardware offers a more e-dimensional look, is lightweight and rust-resistant. There are six aluminum decorative hardware options available. In the Versailles Collection there are 9″ handles, 11″ L-hinges and 18″ strap hinges. The Canterbury Collection offers 3 ½” ring handles, 10 ½” handles, and 17″ strap hinges. The aluminum hardware is featured in all the recently published Amarr literature under steel carriage house options and on the Amarr Classica Collection poster.  More… Amarr Garage Doors

CLOPAY Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Attractive black powder coated grip handles and step plates or optional antique black iron hardware, including handles, operable L-keylocks, strap hinges, door knockers and studs, are available to add to the look and style of each garage door. Clopay has a large collection of decorative hardware and is specific to each garage door model. At the bottom of each brochure Clopay has on their website, there is a section for the hardware that matches up to that door. Clopay is the largest garage door manufacture in the USA. More… Clopay Garage Doors

DOORLINK Garage Door Decorative Hardware

DoorLink builds incredible garage doors and accessories for both residential and commercial use. DoorLink has a combined total of over 100 years of engineering, sales and customer support experience in the garage door industry. They have a new state of the art production line assuring consistent high quality products. DoorLink has a decorative stamped steel lift handle, door handle and hinge. More… DoorLink Garage Doors

HAAS Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Since 1954, Haas Door Company has been manufacturing top quality garage doors and accessories in Northwest Ohio.
Haas Door has wrought iron hardware in a lift handle, door handle and hinge. More… Haas Door Garage Doors